Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday with rhinestones

The flower is cut from the walk in my garden cartridge.
I made this border using design studio. If you would like the .cut file, just leave a comment with your email adress. :-)
Click on the How To Technique link at the right for a tutorial for making this flower.


  1. AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing the instructions.

  2. Your card is awesome. Like the flower technique. Would love the border cutfile if you are sharing.

  3. Beautiful card! Did you hand stitch or machine stitch? Would love a tutorial on stitching because yours is perfect!

  4. Thanks! I stitched this on my sewing machine. Machine sewing is the fastest and easiest way to add stitching to cards! I usually try to hide my start and stop points under an embellishment, but didn't this time. If you look at the top right corner (just click on the picture to enlarge), you will see where I started and ended. :-)

  5. Terrific card!! I would love the cut file if you are still offering it.

  6. Beautiful card, I love the border and would love the cut file if you still have it.
    All of your creations are just beautiful and I have bookmarked your site, because I am going to give some of your flowers a go.
    Thank you for sharing all your creativity with us.

  7. Thanks! I sent the .cut file to you. Enjoy!


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