Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tips for sewing on paper

Sewing on paper is fun and adds a great touch to your scrapbook page or card!

Tips for sewing on paper:

1. Test on a scrap piece of paper first!
2. Back up over first few stitches to secure thread or use a piece of tape on the back.
3. Make sure you have enough thread on your bobbin to complete the project.
4. Your bobbin should have matching thread or 'invisible thread' since it will show through a bit.
5. I sometimes have a hard time sewing straight lines, so I like to line up the center of my sewing foot where two paper lines meet. (See stitching on my Halloween layout) You can also line up the edge of your paper with the edge of the foot to keep a straight line.
6. Use a little glue to secure paper pieces together, but try not to use it where you will actually be sewing. (Glue on your sewing needle is no fun, but can be removed with 'goo-gone')
7. You can hide any mistakes or flaws under a cute embellishment!

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  1. I use to be a sewer a long time ago - I tried sewing on a card a couple months ago and loved it... I had to go out and buy new needles as I think I dulled my needle.... or it was very old - I may keep that needle for paper sewing and i bought a fresh pack last week for my material. Did you find that to be the case too?


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