Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vinyl tutorial

Good morning!  Today over at the Hallmark Ladybugs blog I have a super easy project!  It is a  tile with cricut vinyl on it and a video tutorial  showing how to cut vinyl with the cricut, how to weed the vinyl, and how to transfer it to your tile.

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  1. Have to check it out. Haven't tried vinyl yet - maybe you can convince me to try it. :)

  2. Great tile!! Love ACY!

    You should submit this to my friend Audrey Frelix's Contributer Showcase over at We would love to have you!!

  3. Hi! Your tiles are awesome and I enjoyed your video very much! I saw your cutting guide and although you said where you downloaded from I couldn't quite understand or read it. Could you please share again where you downloaded the cutting guide from?? Thanks!

  4. This is really neat!

  5. Great video! I need to try something in vinyl.
    mdot kdot schmidt athotmail dotcom

  6. Here is the website where you can download the cutting guide for your cricut. This is what I used to figure out the settings for cutting vinyl on my cricut:

    Thanks to Joy!

  7. You made it look so easy. Time for me to try something more. Thanks for the link, too.

  8. i have that cutting guide and would suggest if you don't, get it. very handy. thank you.



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