Monday, December 17, 2012

Praying for you . . .

My heart breaks every time I think about the tragic and senseless shootings in Connecticut.  I volunteer in a first grade classroom and can't help but think of the sweet, innocent children who died.  And those precious little ones who didn't, but will have a hard time coping with and even understanding the awful things they witnessed.  Hold your children/ grandchildren and loved ones tight!  I can't even comprehend what these families must be going through right now. To those who are suffering, you are in my prayers.  May you feel God's loving arms around you during this very difficult time.


  1. So well said, Kimberly...... I can't imagine either, but know they have all been on my mind continuously! My thoughts and prayers for their healing!

  2. Kimberly,
    I have been in tears on and off throughout the day since I heard of the tragedy on Friday. I worked in a school for 10 plus years and have 2 little ones of my own (one who is a kindergartener). My heart aches for all involved directly and indirectly. The people of Newtown are not alone in their grief. As a fellow crafter, please allow me to share this idea from another crafter...a clear ornament with little pieces of papers that has all the names and ages of the victims written on them, placed inside the ornament. Decorate ornament like an angel, wings and a halo...hang on Christmas Tree. I think I will be doing this, thought maybe you'd be interested also.

  3. Thank you for your prayers Kimberly I to have been praying for the families. I know prayer helps. We will just continue to lift the families up.

  4. We've been praying in Canada too. My heart weeps for the families of all involved.


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