Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Jute String Colors!

Jute string - I love this stuff!!  I use it on almost every project - it's one of my favorite go-to items.  Each color comes in a bundle of 10 yards each
I wanted some brighter colors for Spring and Summer, so I have added 5 new colors of Jute Twine for a total of 17 fabulous colors!

New Colors: Parrot Green, Orange, Yellow, Sage, Antique Gold

Click HERE to "pick-your-own" pack of Jute string!

Jute is the perfect size for threading through buttons!

Jute is also great for attaching tags, stringing a banner, or wrapping around your card.


There are so many fun ways to use Jute String on your projects!

Click HERE to see all of the Jute String at My Craft Spot.

Happy crafting!


  1. wow all of these cards are amazing and super cute.. fabulous inspiration and love the Jute string.

  2. All of the cards are just so cute! The Jute string adds just the right touch!


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