Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Halloween potions book

It's almost time to get out the Halloween decorations.  I don't do spooky Halloween decor, just cute, so a potion book is a little edgy for me . . . ha ha ha.  I might add some little potion bottles from Hobby Lobby filled with colored water this year.   :)


I got an old book from a thrift store that already had a black cover so I wouldn't have to do anything to the cover.  This book stays open permanently. (You can't close it) I spent a lot of time crinkling every page and ripping pages out occasionally so the book would lay flat.  I put a little glue on some of the pages where it wanted to open so that the 'original plain white' pages wouldn't show.  Then, I glued the potion recipes on the 2 top pages.   I curled the edges around a pencil, then  sprayed the edges of the pages and the front with a Walnut spray.   I downloaded the open pages online, but I have searched and can't find the ones I used.  There are a lot out there to choose from.


I glued a piece of black crinkled ribbon inside the spine of the book and propped it up on a stand.

Have a happy day! 


  1. Wow Kimberly, this is awesome, you did a wonderful job! I love the curled edges of the pages and that you sprayed it with walnut spray to look aged. Your decorations look beautiful! I have a spell book I bought at Hallmark and it opens so you can put candy inside for trick or treaters. When they open it a witch voice says 5 or 6 different things The kids just love it! One little girl (she was about 4) wanted to keep opening it, she was just fascinated, then she would hug me and then my husband, it was so sweet!

  2. This is AMAZING, Kimberly!! What a fun way to decorate, even if it is bordering on spooky! Your potions book looks absolutely fabulous and I'm sure your visitors will give you lots of positive comments on it - as will your children!

  3. WOW! This is so awesome Kimberly! You did a fabulous job on this potion book~ The curled edges and inking looks amazing! Great creation and your display look perfect!
    Have a super day!
    Sherrie K

  4. The book is wonderful. My daughter would like something like this. The idea of using a book from a thrift store is perfect. I need to search for the potion pages.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"


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